Monday, March 29, 2010

Thanks Honey!!! I'm excited to use it!

hi tin! will be shipping yer order tom! can't wait for u to have it! :) that Forever21 floral corset is much prettier in actual

whatever bitch :P

Follow me :) Thanks.

and who are u? i only follow persons that i personally know. sorry stranger.

whatever bitch :P

why are you so hott&sexyy even though you already have two kids, dang, can you gimme some tips? :)

lol honestly i don't know. i'm really trying hard to be fat. it's in our genes i guess. and i think my metabolism has something to do with it even though i'm super duper matakaw. u know me mayatmaya kain ng kain :D i love pigging out...i love food. & yet tading this is all i've got lol XD i love u kathy & miss u!

whatever bitch :P

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Basic Trends

I made a new online shop named Basic Trends, but that doesn't mean that i will close my previous online shop. I love it but the only thing that makes me hate it is it's
Products are imported from USA and another line called 'Basic Trends Exclusive' will be designed by me! Fabrics will be chosen by me also! how cool is that? ;)

Make Money Online | Elie Palima

my hubby made a Facebook Fan Page of his Make Money Online website.
Check it here:!/pages/eLie-pALima-DOT-com/102582516448080?ref=ts

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

independent woman

loving it!
i really can relate to this song, i mean i/we girls doesn't need a man to live because we can have and earn our own money to buy our wants & needs. the lyrics says it all! love....

Monday, March 22, 2010

printed monokini

summer is here again! and of course i am getting ready by buying swim wears anywhere & everywhere. i just bought this printed sexy monokini online same with my two sisters! and we are really lurving it! i can't wait to go to the beach with my families & friends(if ever it'll happen)... hell yeah if u still don't know i am fond of using SPF whenever i am under the heat of the sun! i don't like to be a nigger. kidding. i am eating SPF not only outside my homey, usually indoors also nowadays!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


my effing god.. what am i experiencing? having bad headache over these days....
its 1am in the morning and i'm still up.. planning to sleep in few seconds..
3,2,1 zzZZzz