Friday, April 30, 2010

the electronic letter

i just made a letter for my .....
i hope he'll read it carefully..
each and every words are from the bottom of my heart.

understand me

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 types of mom

en vogue mom-moms making a statement
fancy free mom-forever young
sleek chic mom-unique and sophisticated ♥ what type is your mom??? ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tonsillitis and drama

Woke up early in the morning which i am not fond to do, paid bills & ate Chowking breakfast with the kids. ;)
I ordered Pork Chao fan plus extra 2pc shanghai and a glass of ice tea.. Elie ordered the Spicy Chao Fan plus extra 2pc siomai and a glass of Coke.

still have a tonsillitis ;( hard for me to eat..

The weather is bad! Bad as in super hot!
It's not recommendable to go out especially if you're with your kids.
Luckily we have our own car so there won't be any problem with that.
Though we have our own, the air-con can't beat the sun's power. I have to put my bag above my legs cause i don't want it to end up toasted/baked lol i don't want my legs to darken!haha sigh..

then we went straight to my parents house ;)
we visited them again! there is a really a big difference when you're with your original family.
i can say it because now i have 3 family ;) my original fam, my 'own' fam & my hubby's fam. hihi... confusing???

I still miss them.. i want to be with them.. i want to cherish the moment cause my mom and dad are not getting young... they are getting old! i want to be with them if ever i have time.. nothing beats a super-baby-girl-sorta-brat ;) that's me

i am praying that my mom and dad's life will be longer than expected and prayed for. i love them so much.. and i miss them ;'(

whenever i am sad..whenever my heart is filled with sorrow and pain all i wanted to do is to be with them. i am their baby girl. i know deep in their heart that they love me to death and they also misses me much more than i do. (and i think i am their most loved against my 4 siblings hihi cause i am the youngest...the baby!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cray's First Playtime @ Kid's Place ;)

We decided to go to SM Kid's Place because it's so boooorriiinng and the kids are always crying out loud for god's sake i don't know the reason why!
Also fro Cray Ann to enjoy her life of being a baby??lol
Well it's Cray's first time there ;)
She is sooo enjoying it. and it's Leonard's uhm i don't know what number of times we brought him there but lol it's not new to him.
Now at least he is really familiar with the place and got to do a lot of work/play there unlike when he is still only a months old,he doesn't understand a thing or two.
So there you go,photos of Cray ;)
Too bad my cam got low batt easily,i forgot to charged it ugh.
Anyways Leonard has plenty of pixies there naman so there is nothing to be jealous about when he grow up
;) winky wink

Saturday, April 24, 2010

my motto for the week

great minds talk about ideas; small minds talk about people -Eleanor Roosevelt ♥

saturday home

Stayed home. Oh i remember this week was full of memoirs. Watched Dear John, i love Channing Tatum! He's indeed my new crush aside from Tom Cruise my ever beloved ;) lol. Watched Copout starring Bruce Willis & the black nigger (don't know him)! love it!
Full of laughters.... ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

We ate dinner at Palayisdaan. What else won't happen to a family that is bountiful of money?lol i mean blessings?.... especially if your hubby can't resist to eat food whenever he saw something from the T.V Ad or movies?? of course unending home delivery from your favorite fast food chainsssssss including Greenwich and McDonalds.. ;) teehee,.

I am busy doing my online business. Same goes with my hubby. It is hard to have 1 laptop at a time when the 2 of you needed it.

I love what i am doing and it's like i can live with it forever for i am a lover of fashion. ;)

I a praying for my hubby's business to be a hit!

Our week can never be complete without our 2 naughty baby!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


indeed it is monday again. what it is to offer? woke up around 5am and here i am caught myself surfing the net.. blogging.. and will be sleeping again. i am planning to shop. just like what every ladies love to do all day long and forever ;D hmm oh i forgot gotta do my business and will ship orders.. oohh relax! imma ship it on tues or wed ;)i don't need to be in a hurry! ;*

all i wanted to do is kick that a-hole ass in lookbook! what a freak. wasting his/her time to me??? haha pathetic! i know s/he knows me!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the thong!

it's SM 3 Day Sale again.. (they do it monthly lol) anyway we just went there not to shop clothes or any sale products, but only to buy my babies needs(grocery yes).. then ate lunch at tokyo-tokyo,ordered chicken karage (ooh for the first time i forgot to take a picture).. actually i am fond of ordering pork tonkatsu on the menu but when they finally changed the sauce to fuji-apple-sauce ugh i also finally changed my mind! i don't like it ;P soooo many people.. wandering and shopping! we also shop a Lil bit but we have to go cause its hard to shop with 2 babies! i just bought a new 'thong sandals' which i really really fancy nowadays. for me it's a must-have! it brings out the sexiness in me! lol. it brings out the sexiness of my feet same goes with my personality ;) soo sexy aw!

time for me to sleep ;P see yah

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby James likes Villar!

I can't stop laughing bout what I've seen and heard on t.v awhile ago while watching TV Patrol news. Noynoy's in his campaign for presidency with Kris & baby James. Kris told baby James "say hello to everybody" so he said "hello" then after a few seconds he said "Villar!!" :D which made me lol! Kris only answered "no"! haha

This only proves that kids really like/love manny villar cause of his ads.

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